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Angus Magoosh and the Elmdale Uprising


One-act absurd comedy for high schools and middle schools

35 minutes, 34 roles played by 15-25 actors

Flexible casting and room  in the show for every kid who auditions. The play is perfect for festivals with a 40-minute time limit.

Angus Magoosh cannae stahnd idly by as a mere wetness to injoostice. When the powers that bae at Elmdale High School fail to sairve its own students and taychers, he responds en the only wee a fine young Scotsman can: Rebellion!  Inspiring his American classmates and taychers to band together in solidarity, Angus belds a movement fer Automonmous Tartanism,  accelerating to a rousing conclusion that would make ole William Wallace proud. Faytchuring Sco'ish accents, creative highland games, a rideculous slow-mo scene and a dancing "hairy coo," Magoosh could bae the sellyist, most random comedy yae rayd thess yayr. 

6 female roles, 5 male and up to 14 "any/either." All roles can be played by any student, of any gender identity, including the lead male character of Angus. Maximum cast diversity is encouraged. Produced by Greenbrier High School, Arkansas, in fall 2019, and by Lakeside High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, in January 2020. Available for festivals and in-school performances. 

What they are saying:

Amy Brock, drama teacher, Greenbrier High School, Greenbrier, Ark.

... Simply a brilliant piece. I have a large and very diverse group of students ... this was the perfect choice! We couldn’t stop laughing on the first read-through! We were immediately hooked. John Haman created characters that are unforgettable and fun for everyone!

Sarah Haman, Drama Teacher, Lakeside High School, Hot Springs, Ark.

... a rollicking, fast-paced romp of a one-act. Possibilities for physical comedy, sight gags, and general silliness abound. Cast size and composition is extremely flexible, and so are the technical requirements. Perfect for competitions and as an addition to a night of one-act plays.

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