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Drama for young actors

68 minutes, 10 characters

This is the full-length version of the  one-act that is now published by Stage Partners. Simple set, with a flexible, interpretive scene that offers many opportunities for tech, special lighting effects and choreography. This version of the play has additional adult characters that provide comic moments, and even a chance for actual teachers from the school to get involved in the production. It is written to where actors can move back and forth between the full-length and one-act smoothly without conflicting line edits. Two schools have already performed both versions of the play in the same fall. 

Extra info

Produced at 2 high schools in fall 2018


Lakeside High School production in Hot Springs, Ark.

Biloxi High School production in Biloxi, Miss. 

A first-year high-school drama teacher arrives at school to find her auditorium haunted. Against this backdrop, a terminally ill girl falls in love for the first time with a boy from an unstable home, as she works against time to stage a tender, autobiographical play. A love-letter to high school theater, EDGAR explores the realms of the living, dead and dying with humor and grace.

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