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Two Tribes


One-Act Drama with Puppetry for High-Level High-School Programs. 38-minutes. 

A vibrant cast of 25-29 is needed: 3 f, 3 m, and 19-23 e. Three types of puppets are employed in the production, and there are ample chances for non-traditional performs to appear on-stage, working in teams. 

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Adventures with giant puppets! Two tribes dwell beside each other in the woods, divided by a stream and a contentious history. Their rival villagers are forbidden to speak with each other, but the cultures share one key trait: a love of puppetry. Through this storytelling art, the tribes relate differing legends of the Mantoo, a giant race who once ruled the land, before they were driven away by the smaller, smarter tribes. But today, the Mantoo giants return, bent on destruction and revenge. So two teens from opposing tribes -- kids who carried on a forbidden childhood friendship - must unite the villages for mutual protection, and destroy the hated giants, once and for all. The play is written with high schools in mind, and is perfect for festival productions.

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