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blood MOON


Alternate-reality mystery drama

90 minutes, 13 characters

This 90-minute alternate-reality mystery drama is in the second round of consideration for the Kernodle New Play Award.

Extra info

BLOOD MOON received a staged reading at Arkansas Repertory Theatre in December 2018, along with a professional workshop/reading in New York City with Convergences Theatre Collective in March 2019.

Praise for BLOOD MOON:

"Set in a reimagined mid-century America, John Haman’s Blood Moon explores questions of gender, identity, nationalism, and warfare, and the worlds that lie within the seemingly mundane existence of domesticity and bureaucracy, blazing with strong, unique characters, humor, mystery, and edge-of-your-seat surprises.

The housewife of a NASA aeronaut, Marie, follows her frustration, curiosity, and desire to perform into dangerous territory as she explores her alter ego, June. 

Like the moon, Marie and the other women around her have multiple aspects, and, in a world ruled by men who seek to dominate and control not only those around them, but the very moon herself, these characters must find subtle ways to support each other and effect change in order to avoid a disastrous future. 


As the U.S. military races Russia to complete their nuclear moon base, questions of power and loyalty loom large, threatening destruction in more than one way."  

Kate Michael Gibson

Writer, Editor, Producer, & Story-maker

Convergences Theatre Collective

Inheritrix Productions

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