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Be a Patron for BLOOD MOON and Help Produce a Professional Table Read in NYC

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

(Support my play BLOOD MOON with a gift/donation at, or by using Facebook's "send or receive money," or through my Venmo: @John-Haman-2)

BLOOD MOON is rising, as I recently earned the opportunity to collaborate with Convergences Theatre Collective, a developmental organization in New York City, on a professional "table read" of the play with paid actors and a thorough, multi-step evaluation and consultation process.

To make this reading possible in late March, 2019, I'm asking for your help.

CTC takes care of its collaborators. Everyone involved in the collaboration will be paid for their work. I am securing a partial arts grant for the table read, but that will cover less than a third of the total cost to pay my professional collaborators.

To ensure the collaboration moves forward, I intend to raise $1,100 in patron donations. Will you help by contributing any amount that feels good to you, and sharing this article with others you think will want to help a rising Arkansas writer? If "Blood Moon" moves further into the developmental process with CTC, later funding will be covered by sponsors.

The collaboration will be led by CTC Producing Director Jeremy Williams, who many of you may know as a talented native son of Arkansas and a respected theatre artist in New York City. Jeremy is excited to help me develop the play to its fullest potential. Information on CTC can be found at, or their page on Facebook,

The first reading cast of Blood Moon, Dec. 1, 2018 at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. This was a staged reading directed by me as part of the Plays in Progress series, featuring Rolling River Playwrights Collective.

How to Contribute

Please go to, use Facebook's "send or receive money" feature, or use my Venmo account, @John-Haman-2, to make a gift of any size, directly to me for this project, avoiding the fees that are typically associated with crowd-funding sites. I'll post regular updates on fundraising progress and keep you informed about how the results of the reading!

Developmental History

BLOOD MOON, a play written in 2018, enjoyed a staged reading at Arkansas Repertory Theatre on Dec. 1 as part of the Rep's Plays in Progress series. Since then, the script has been requested by three professional theaters around the country. Despite this interest, I have yet to make a dime, as it typically is until a professional production is secured. The play has already had a good developmental process, complete with the staged reading and two dramaturg sessions with a skilled playwright. To make the play the best it can be, this process with CTC is essential. Thank you for the gift of your patronage! I'll keep your donations anonymous unless you ask me to announce them.

About BLOOD MOON, a play by John Haman:

In 1959, the newly appointed director of NASA is murdered by poisoning. Marie, the lonely wife of an aeronaut, falls in with a Soviet spy and begins living a complicated double life, as the U.S. government launches a militarized space program to build a permanent base on the moon before the Soviets can. Altering history and reality, BLOOD MOON features a trio of strong female characters who seek to subvert three of the country's most patriarchal institutions. Chief among the women is June/Marie, who toggles between dual identities as she searches for meaning. Alternate-reality mystery drama, 90 minutes, 12 roles.

That's me, far left, discussing the play at the talk-back session after our first reading at Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

Rehearsal Video from Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The video below is from the rehearsals for the Dec. 1 reading of BLOOD MOON at Arkansas Repertory Theatre. The performers featured are Page Martin Reynolds as June/Marie, and Patrice Dionne as Detective Womble.


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